Waseca Faith United Methodist Church
Saturday, July 13, 2024
Engage the community, Equip those who respond, Empower them to go into the world as partners with God

Faith Messenger Archive

 If you are looking for a newsletter or calendar that is not available here, please call the Church Office.
March 2014:         Newsletter    Calendar    Birthdays/Anniversaries        Volunteers  
February 2014:      Newsletter    Calendar    Birthdays/Anniversaries        Volunteers  
January 2014:       Newsletter     Calendar    Birthdays/Anniversaries        Volunteers  
December 2013:      Newsletter    Calendar    Birthdays/Anniversaries        Volunteers 
November 2013:     Newsletter    Calendar    Birthdays/Anniversaries        Volunteers  
October 2013:         Newsletter    Calendar    Birthdays/Anniversaries        Volunteers   
September 2013:    Newsletter    Calendar    Birthdays/Anniversaries        Volunteers  

August 2013:     Newsletter     Calendar         Birthdays/Anniversaries      Volunteers  HCI Insert
July 2013:          Newsletter     Calendar         Birthdays/Anniversaries       Volunteers  
June 2013:         Newsletter     Calendar         Birthdays/Anniversaries       Volunteers   
May 2013:         Newsletter     Calendar         Birthdays/Anniversaries       Volunteers   
Feb. 2013:          There was no edition of the newsletter made for February.
Jan. 2013:          Newsletter      Calendar         Birthdays/Anniversaries    Volunteers     
Dec. 2012:          Newsletter      Calendar         Birthdays/Anniversaries       Volunteers       
Nov. 2012:         Newsletter       Calendar       Birthdays/Anniversaries        Volunteers      
Oct. 2012:          Newsletter      Calendar        Birthdays/Anniversaries        Volunteers
Sept. 2012:        Newsletter      Calendar        Birthdays/Anniversaries        Volunteers
Aug. 2012:        Newsletter     Calendar         Birthdays/Anniversaries        Volunteers

July 2012:        Newsletter      Calendar        Birthdays/Anniversaries        Volunteers

June 2012:       Newsletter      Calendar        Birthdays/Anniversaries        Volunteers
May 2012:     Newsletter       Calendar        Birthdays/Anniversaries       Volunteers